Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Nad Al Shiba

So this is where we live!
Although it is going to become Dubai-ized in the not-too-distant future - which is such a shame.

OUr house is the square building with the long thin horizontal windows - find the camel and then go directly up (you can see our Jeep parked outside).

The building with the dome on it is the Hospital: Nad Al Shiba Veterinary hospital ( - so you can see that Chris's commute in the morning isn't really too arduous!!!

All around us are camel pens - for racing camels. Nad Al Shiba has a gigantic camel race track (actually I think they only come in 'gigantic') and every day twice a day there are long lines of camels making their way to the track for training.

i love that sometimes I am late to work because i've been held up by a bunch of camels (not literally you understand, the camel is not known for its criminal tendancies!!)

It is no place of outstanding natural beauty but it is unique and very special to us and it is hilarious to see people's faces drop after we've collected them at the airport and drive them out here!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

So what's down the bottom of YOUR garden?

Sounds like another dodgy Channel 4 reality tv show, doesn't it?
Well, this morning Stanley suddenly flew out of the house into the garden and started shouting at the fence at the bottom.

He's really lost it now ....... or so we thought.

Ollie (the stripy one), having the nervous system of a squid (but without the mental capacity) followed about 45 secs later, just 'cos he thought it looked like fun.

About 15 secs behind him came poor ol' Max (the Rottie, who we are currently fostering and is the most sorry excuse for a Rottweiler with terrible joint problems as was living in fairly dire conditions but the most fabulous temperament) who is, well, a Rottie with terrible joint problems and simply cannot be expected to keep up with 2 wanna-be greyhounds!

Anyway, so there they are. All 3 of them, standing at the bottom of the garden looking at the fence - Stanley still shouting at the fence.

Ahh-ha, we say knowledgeably to ourselves (we are after all one dog expert and one veterinary-type person).... ahh-ha ....... a foolish cat has come into our garden and then excited stage right over the fence.

We were wrong!