Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wii Nonsense

In recent times, several friends of ours have acquired the latest phenomenon of computer gaming (please excuse what is probably all the wrong terminology but you know what I mean).
It involves a set-up of you holding an infra-red controller that reads your body moevements and translates it into action on the screen.
Thus, to 'box' you simply BOX and the corresponding little man on the TV in front of you hits the OTHER little man on the TV in front of you.

For example:


The most recent evening we spent Wii-ing had us in stitches and with serious aches & pains for days after. This is now known as Wii-Arm, Wii-Back or, more un-couthly, Wii-Arse!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A new post

This blog has been so silent (apart from the lovely messages left) for so long it seems - it feels right now to place a new entry.

Obviously, times are hard but the intense pain has mostly passed - apart from the odd, out-of-the-blue crushing waves that crash over.

So many people have offered to make a donation to the orphanage in Umesh's memory and we that is so SO lovely. Have been in touch with the lawyer and orphanage - they have made some suggestions as to how we might go about this.

So if anyone would like to make a donation (a one-off or a regular donation) please let us know.

It is so true (how ever cliched - sorry don't know how to get the little accent over the 'e') that one can find so much love in the face of adversity - perhaps this is Umesh's greatest gift to us?

We have found so much love and support from those we always knew would be there, those who we knew cared about us but have gone and astounded us with their thoughtfulness and kind words AND also from complete and utter strangers.......... who are complete and utter strangers no longer.

We thank you for letting us cry, talk and laugh when we needed to and not expecting us to when we couldn't anymore.

So, for now, with Umesh always in our hearts, we move forward. We will spend some time continuing to heal and then......... who knows?

Baby steps........ just taking teeny tiny baby steps, one at a time.