Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear The Mama (as from TV show 'The Dinosaurs')

Wishing you a very happy (if a couple of days early...) Birthday.

We will be thinking of you in Singapore

BB xxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The latest in this most HIDEOUS of roller-coster rides

"Hi all,
Today we did confirm the very difficult news that the Minister and the Legal Secretary have, without any prior notice to anyone in the adoption community in Kathmandu and virtually no one within the Ministry, asked that all files waiting for review at the Ministry be sent back to the Chief District Offices (CDO) to await the new rules and regulations.

This implies that all files currently at the Ministry, close to 400 in total, could now be subject to any new laws that the Ministry and cabinet pass in the coming weeks.

This turn of events is extremely surprising as the Minister and Ministry have openly stated in the last week (to the State Department, officials at European agencies and embassies, a few US adoption agencies, the adoption community in Kathmandu, Child welfare NGOs in Nepal, and private lawyers working on behalf of adoptive families) that the review process for the waiting families was to begin very soon and only use the current adoption laws for those families already waiting at the Ministry.

We are working with other agencies and NGOs to see what can be done, if at all, and will continue to monitor the situation very closely. At this time, I don't have suggestions of what to do collectively, but it seems that time might be coming..."

So there you have it.

Have just woken up and read this and feel like ...... well, dunno, what I feel like doing? Is it too early for a large gin, a huge bar of chocolate and an obscene amount of junk food...... in bed?

It is currently 6.52am.

Head on desk *sigh*

Monday, May 21, 2007

Adoption delayed not hold: Minister

International adoption has neither been stopped nor is it on hold' in Nepal said Minister Bishwakarma.
Talking to adoptionnepal exclusively Mr. Bishwakarma said there is a "delay" in adoption for a while.
He said that his party wants to ensures that a systematic and tranparent adoption.

Meanwhile, he assured waiting families that the process will start 'as soon as possible' when the new adoption terms and conditions are drafted and comes into effect.

International adoption meetings has not been taking place since February. Since then there are more than four hundred adoption application lined up waiting approval.

We are one of those 400, I guess.

I HATE that ant!!!

(direct quote from Mr Jacob Dawson, formerly of Dubai, currently 'Laysia)

I've only gone and got myself bit by one of those ferocious medium sized black ants we get here AGAIN.

(Bite is directly down from big toe)

This photo was taken about 10 mins after it got me - have taken the anti-histamines provided by dr as last time whole darn foot was huge for days!!!

Couldn't get my Crocs on, let alone my riding boot.

Have taken photo of pesky critter (next to foot, for scale)
Are you suitably shcoked at the monster??
Whaddaya mean 'you can't see it'???!!!!
It's THERE, right there - gnashing its teeth, growling AND laughing demonically (it's next to my big toe below the white thing, ok?)!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The below message is an concise summary of the situation we are currently in.

Clearly, this has a US angle on it but we, as Brits, are in exactly same siuation.

So you see, we really are just waiting - nothing else to be done.

Hi all,
Just in case people get really on edge about any rumors from the US Embassy, here is the post below. Yes, things are suspended until they get the new law going. We all know this, but the word "suspended" is now in place of "waiting" and it seems to be really dramatic to many people. Please keep in mind that nothing has changed- we still wait to have the new draft sent to the cabinet and to be set in to motion. The US Embassy is just now getting on board with this...The Ministry has met several times this week to discuss the changes with a diverse group of folks. We should know much more very soon.Best, x

See the recent message below:_______________________
May 14, 2007
The Nepali Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MWCS) has informed the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu that the Government of Nepal has suspended all intercountry adoptions pending approval of reforms of the adoption process by the Nepali cabinet. The Nepali Government has given no indication about when the suspension will be lifted.The U.S. Embassy is working with the Government of Nepal to urge that they continue to process cases of American adoptive parents already matched with orphans to prevent undue delays of adoption cases already in process.

It is a really tough time and has underlined for us the importance for what we have tried to do since January (when we met The Nipper) which is to maintain a level of control and, cold as it may sound, emotional distance.

As it is we have photos of him up around the place, in my handbag, talk about him, have a room that has slowly accumulated items we have been given - all of which, at this time, is all really painful to look at.

Does one stay optimistic or do we start to prepare ourselves for the terrible, incomprehensible possibility that our little boy may never get to us?

The truth is, we continue to try to maintain an even keel. Assumption in either direction is of no-value and no help - we surrender to the 'process'.

A couple of days ago we received a report from the CIWEC (the clinic where Nipper has been going to be monitored - although this has been more sporadic than we would have liked).

Anyhow, apart from the current 'loose stools' (did you need to know that, I dunno, but there you have it), they feel all is well with him. He is now able to 'sit unsupported and transfers objects'.

Hearing this stuff is wonderful, truely wonderful but also makes us feel sad, sad, sad - we are missing so much.

We are very proud of his ability to sit 'unsupported' considering there have been the 'odd' occasion (in the long ago past) when this ability has eluded either of us .......... Chris more than me , you understand obviously!!!!

Anyhow, this has been a rather down-beat posting (no pics and uplifting news) however, it is a chronicle of the latest stage (stage 2890694705, I think it must be by now!) of this journey.

One feels that one should really be contacting one's 'tour guide' (if only we really had one) in order to complain that this voyage appears to be taking us to places off the itinerary, involves considerable baggage loss (and accumulation) and an emotional roller-coaster (did we sign up for the theme-park option? I don't think we did?!?!) . And finally, a destination that from time to time looks like it is just in front of us and then ............. shifts back several 1000 miles!!

Rubbish trip, if you ask me.

However, we did know it wasn't going to be easy and that we would (to paraphrase from the book 'From China with Love') need the tenacity of a terrier to stay the course!

Also, along the way, we have met some wonderful people we also signed up for the same 'trip' and are at various stages along the road (some are right there with us and others farther ahead and OTHERS really did make it to the end).

The ones that have made it and are clutching their fabulous prizes are cheering us on, whooping away to let us know we can do and we focus on these people.

Next to us, we have our fellow marathon-ers, we pass each other drinks of water when we look like we need it, we hold each others hands when someone stumbles - we're all in it together.

For all these people, we thank the universe, cosmic forces, THE Force, whatever it is, for them.

So there you have it, I've mixed about a zillion metaphors and analogies, share some wierdy-beardy outlooks ............ and update y'all for the latest chapter of 'Quest for our Nipper'


Saturday, May 12, 2007


Like it says, guys, wishing you a happy day tomorrow (13th May).

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hole-In-The-Head needs a family!!

So there he is - a very sweet boy complete with Frankenstein scar down his face.
For more details, check out Expatwoman thread 'Dalmatian Puppy needing home' or contact Lucy at
Hope someone, somewhere out there can give him the home he deserves.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fires, Tantrums and rafts

Fire on the Palm Jumeriah yesterday.Fires on constructions sites seem to be happening more and more here in Dubai. Happily, this time, no-one was seriously hurt.

No news still Nepal and to be honest, it is getting harder and harder to deal with the waiting and the unknown time-scale.

We have 'met' a lady who adopted her son (and is now waiting to complete the adoption of her daughter) from the same orphanage (Sagarmatha Childrens Home) and she told me that she tries to 'surrender to what will be'.

I think this is beautiful and it has become my mantra now as well.
Gosh, don't I sound saintly and serene?
Truth is, not VERy far below the surface of both of us is a child that is seriously on the brink of having a major melt-down!!

You know the sort of the thing - shoes and socks off in the department store, screaming, laying on the floor - until someone damn well gives in and gives us what we want!!!!!!!!!

Ashamed to admit ............ I've done this ........ in my early years, you understand ......... to Por Por (my Chinese granny) ........ can't remember if it worked or not actually.

In the meantime we keep going with normal life (whatever that exactly is here) and try not to get too wierd.

Think in our society we are brought up to believe that you can make pretty much anything happen if you want it to if you are prepared to put the hard work in, try hard enough etc etc - so 'surrendering to what will be' is quite a concept to embrace.
Remind me some time to share with you my comparison between the process of international adoption and being on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

Reading blogs of others who have weathered the storms and waves and paddled furiously, felt like giving up - is a real comfort and inspiration - seeing their kids, helps keep you focussed.
Actually the best blog I've ever read (actually I've only been reading blogs in about the last 2 months so it is true that my sample size isn't huge) and I cannot recommend highly enough is:
Actually I think it has just stopped being one of the Bootsnall travel website blogs to a full-on website. Anyway, this guy is amazing, doing amazing stuff and HILARIOUS!!
I hope that next time we are in Kathmandu, we can go and see him and meet some of the kids he writes about - feel like I know some of them now.
Anyway, let's see whether this posting will actually work today. Last night I beavered away for hours and then the whole thing disappeared - let me tell you, saintly words did not spring forth from my lips.
ta-ra for now