Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Nipper n' stuff - update

And STILL we wait but in the meantime we have receive these tantalising photos of him!
Have returned from HK from a fabulous 10 days with my folks - with Andrew & Hilary (Chris's folks) arriving soon after in Dubai for a holiday.
Visitor Season is drawing to a close with a tally of 11 (so far) : Gary, Thea, Ros & Jerry Green (Caroline's folks), CJ, Adrian, Mia, Will & Kate (yet to come), John Miller, Andy Fish, a brief visit with Neil Hayward - is that everyone?
Rich Kelly and Lyndsey are shortly to be visiting Dubai too so we look forward to seeing them in April as well!
Will post more photos soon but computer currently not being too helpful.
Love Cx

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