Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wii Nonsense

In recent times, several friends of ours have acquired the latest phenomenon of computer gaming (please excuse what is probably all the wrong terminology but you know what I mean).
It involves a set-up of you holding an infra-red controller that reads your body moevements and translates it into action on the screen.
Thus, to 'box' you simply BOX and the corresponding little man on the TV in front of you hits the OTHER little man on the TV in front of you.

For example:


The most recent evening we spent Wii-ing had us in stitches and with serious aches & pains for days after. This is now known as Wii-Arm, Wii-Back or, more un-couthly, Wii-Arse!!

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Rachel Dawson said...

I have resisted the temptaion to even try this game - but see that in the desert where it really is TOO hot to exercise out of doors, the Wiiiii has a rightful place!!. Sadly, til your blog pix, I have seen it as yet another game that encourages people to look at a screen rather than look at a BALL, and, god forbid, handle a stick/racket/club!!!!
Now I can already feel a "wii-fest" coming on in December!! And of course my kids will then want one for Christmas...!!
We miss you xxx