Sunday, May 18, 2008

Will blog properly when I return to Dubai as currently am in the bosom of my Special Administrative Region aka Hong Kong aka HOME!!!!!

I have been keen to try and get hold of one of these Mee things but I believe the site is blocked in the UAE or at least Dubai - I hope this works!!

Back in Dubai in a few days so will 'see' you all again then - currently too busy catching up with my folks and the most wonderful friends any one could wish for in the world, shopping, EATING (I'm quite the Fei Mui now and just loving being at home in a real town (warts n'all!)!!

I never sleep any where in the world like I sleep in the room that I grew up in with the sounds of mini-buses, taxis, buses, the movements of people upstairs (or my Mum still on the computer or watching TV into the wee hours), and the loud conversations of the downstairs watchmen with each other or various tenants in the block as they return home.

Silence to sleep? NO WAY!! Give me the sounds of my bedroom in HK and I'll sleep like a baby ANY day!!!! :)

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Marrisa said...

On the other side of the world you are living a facinating life! You are in places I have always wanted to visit - you LIVE in these places - magical, well done you on having such a wondefully diverse life! xx