Monday, June 16, 2008

Reading this awesome (if somewhat alarming book) at the moment.

The 'blurb' describes "surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change and Other Converging Catasophes of the 21st Century"
Life feels fairly 'half empty' at the moment (would like to think I'm more of a Half FULL kind of person but you can't be sunny all the time can you?).
Things in Nepal continue to be ludicrously complicated, promised deadlines come and go, mixed messages reach you regarding what kind of priority politicians are giving the completion of the final few (I mean VERY few, I mean we are 1 of 13 cases left of the old files).
Maoists do not appear to give a toss about anything other than scoring political points and flexing their muscles.
Bitter? Frustrated? Wondering how much longer we can keep on this crazy, cruel rollercoaster? Yep.
And then, you meet some people from a different country.
People you've never clapped eyes on but with whom you share a place on that hideous rollercoaster.
People who truely truely understand the highs and gut-wrenching lows. Some have made it to the end and are cheering and encouraging us to "hold on", assuring us that we will make it to the end.
Some are with us. Right there with us. We cling on to each other, encouraging and supporting - Helping us re-establish our death-grip handhold when we feel like we are slipping.
Thank you, Universe, Mother Earth, cosmic forces, Fate, whoever, for sending these peole our way - right when we need them most.
Hey-ho, onwards and upwards, eh?


Marrisa said...

It truly is an amazing world in so many different ways, I grip this tightly everyday and am thankful for everything. Powerful thought provoking book eh? xx

Anonymous said...

hey there,

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Marrisa said...

Me again!! Long time no blog honey, hope all is ok?? x