Saturday, January 20, 2007

Animals Lloyd/Green!

THought that while we were about it, we'd also post some pics (some recent, some not so recent) of our menegerie.

Firstly, my very special Daisy Green - no longer with us but hugely HUGELY missed. Adopted from Battersea (Feb 1998) just 3 months after I started there

Next, we have Alan Green - who came to live with me during Euro '96 and was subsequently named after a certain Mr Shearer. Alan must be approx 12/14 years old and King of All He Surveys!

Stanley Lloyd joined us (another Battersea Boy) in Dec 1999 - a very special soul indeed!!!!

After we moved to Dubai in June 2002, someone else came to live with us.

It was only supposed to be temporary but 2 feather duvets, 3 tv remote controls, 21 pairs of disposable contact lenses, 2 pillows, numerous books, dvds, cds, magazines, sofa cushions and curtains, visitors' shoes, wallets ................. things are kind of settling down for Ollie-G.

A purer soul could not be found on this earth - just bad things seem to happen when he is around. HOwever he is always happy to see everyone and assumes that all are his new best friend.

He and Stan are pretty good pals esp on walks..........

(that's him on the right)

About a year ago, Schatzi moved in (a former patient of Chris's) - Ollie on the sofa

And finally and VERY excitingly, Diamond's Miss Snippet (Leah) has just joined the gang

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