Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clouded leopards & Crested cranes

Last week, went with Chris to visit some Clouded Leopards (very friendly but rather boisterous)

and a Crest Crane that needed an op on its wing.

Our Head Nurse has been poorly so couldn't go with us and suddenly I am presented with a pair of stethoscopes with the casual instructions to 'check its heart rate and let me know if anything changes'!!

Didn't like to admit have never been able to hear a thing through those things so gave it a whirl.
Found the heart alright - couldn't count the damn thing.

The Dr reassuringly says 'It's OK, just count for 15 secs and multiply by 4'.

HAH!!!! YOU try counting to 70-something in 15 secs, whilst watching your second hand, ignoring the crunching, grinding noises around you!

Hope this explains the somewhat anguished body language I am displaying.

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