Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Inspired by another blog that I read I decided to attempt a tally of occurances that have taken place in the last 6 day or so.

Number of times I was late for work because 5 camels blocked the road from the house.


Number of minutes of quality phone chat with a great pal in Malaysia.

27 mins 52 secs

# of guinea pig castrations witnessed


# of bowls of noodles consumed


Nights spent in desert

1 - another happy camping experience in Schwaib

Number of silly lurchers who tried to get in sleeping bag with me

2. NB zero were successful

# of times I hugged my lovely horse this morning

innumerable! It is almost daily that I am so thankful I was able to buy her - such a lucky girl!! She has really been a lifeline of normality through some pretty dark says

# of times I've cried

Potions of fries consumed (McDs or New York Fries)

4 (pretty easy for me to achieve, this will of no suprise to anyone who knows me)

Books read for more than 15 mins
3 ('Persuasion', 'The Other End of the Leash' & Shantaram)

# of tabby feral cats that yelled at me to feed them
2 (one outside hospital and one outside shop)
BabyBel consumed
6! But all to accompany a crisp green apple - does that make it better?
Episodes of The Archers listened to
4 (via podcast)

Trips to Red Lion pub

Just the one so far!
# of Marble Slab ice-creams
2 - always cheesecake with fresh raspberries
Number of great pals who live in different countries who I've wanted to hug this week

Old lady falls on wet floor after someone smashed my full mug
thankfully just the ONE but that was embarrassing enough!
Whilst driving the fabulous LandRover LR3 lent to us by some lovely pals whilst our other car in the shop, what proportion of the time do I grin from ear to ear?
Pretty much 95% of the time!!!!!
# of blogs that I read or check on a daily basis
approx 22

# of dogs (and their owners') lives that I hope to have made a little bit easier

# of times woken by explosions

that would be just the once, today! And, I can confirm that this, is, a fairly unpleasant way to wake up


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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back. We just returned from Nepal with our five year old son. As we welcome this full of energy and spark of a boy to our home, we think of all the people we met throughout this fragile process and realize how lucky we are. We hope you will not give up on Nepal. There are so many orphaned kids there who are so easy to love.
I've enjoyed your site!