Monday, March 17, 2008

Long time no see - I guess!

It has been a hard few months.

I tried to continue blogging but it seemed strange to follow the news of the loss of Umesh with flippant posts on our latest camping trip or photos of the last BBQ we went to.

We have been back to Nepal to say our goodbyes personally which was very cathartic and to set some further wheels in motion. I'm sure you can understand that Chris and I feel we need to be a bit more circumspect with our emotions this time so , for now, we ask anyone who might be interested to just sit tight and watch this space on that particular subject.

So, since we last 'met' - we've done Halloween, Christmas and New Year. Today is st Patricks Day and a few days ago Wales won the Grand Slam in the Six Nations Rugby. As I say we've been back to Nepal (which just in itself was superb) and this coming weekend we are off camping again.

Not the most scintilatting (sp?) post I've ever done but its been a while so bear with me.

Would love to hear if anyone out there is still reading this - so do drop me a line to let me know.



kate moroney said...

Hey Bird, I still dip into your blog now and again to see waht you guys are up to. Have started my own but haven't finished it and never seem to ahve enough time to add to it!
Stay well
Love & Hugs

sd-b said...

thanks for sharing your blog! i'm commenting via a proxy site so hope this works!

Marrisa said...

Dearest Chris & Caroline

Well wow, what can I say. I found your blog and didn't want to spoil what seemed like an amazing story by reading the latest posts, so I went back through time and read them all, from start to now. You are utterly amazing people, what a fantastic life story you have.

I ooo'd and aaa'd over your adoption and felt the happiness and spirit that came with each post. My mouth literally dropped open and tears came to my eyes when I read that Umesh had died. How horrific for you both.

Don't let this dampen your spirit for life, he will always be with you ejoying all it has to offer.

You are beautiful people and I feel very proud to have found your blog.

Love The Dawes Family

PS. I LOVED the post with your dogs at the bottom of the garden barking at the camel - how refreshing!!

jessica said...

Hello... saw that you pasted again. I've been slowing down at it myself, but wanted to say I came by and am glad to see you two are still on the web! Jessica

Rachel Dawson said...

Glad I dont have to read about the blimmin Wii and the Musandam any more....nice to see you back bloggin'

Went to Chinatown today for that special rice that you taught us about and to get you a truly awful Chinese gift, see you in a few weeks, bet you cant wait.....!?

Dawsons in KL