Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's Official - I have stepped over the line ...

..... and can know legitimately be called 'That Wierdo Animal Lady'!

In recent days, a number of baby birds have been brought to the hospital and have as a result been hand-reared. Our Italian vet is very skilled with them and was the proud temporary Papa to 3 swallows, now named the Russo Three:

They have now been released and we assume doing well.

Head Nurse Hives has a really cute little thing that is utterly gorgeous and really teeny that trills and sings to you but is, worringly, showing no interest in fending for itself. It prefers to spend its days sitting on a towel in the office, looking out the window and awaiting someone to deliver its next meal worm or sugary water meal. It is professionally cute (photo to follow).

I watched all this successful nurturing taking place and thought, yep, the next one I'll take it on. love it and care for it. It'll be gorgeous and I shall help it get strong and then ...... one day, it will be able to fly away to become a pillar in the Nad Al Shiba bird society.

So I waited. I waited for the next phone call from a kindly Member of Public....... and sure enough, she called yesterday. I gave directions and told everyone 'We've got another one!'. I reassured them proudly 'this one will be mine' 'I'll take care of this one'.

And this is what arrived:


Errr ......... ok

But in short, Chuckles (for now 'tis his official name) survived his first night, ate 2 worms today which I think may have given him tummy-ache and feeds on special baby-bird gruel about every 30 minutes!!

He came to the supermarket with me and started squeaking and making those baby-bird noises from the trolley. Caught myself in Park n'Shop leaning over into the trolley and whispering 'shh' - hello crazy Lady!!!!!

But honestly, now, who could resist a face like this????

Gotta go - The baby needs feeding!!!!!!
Fingers crossed we get through tonight, eh?
Assuming he does, we are off to the hairdressers together tomorrow.
He lives, He lives and now, is eating a worm about every 30 mins!!


jason said...

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jason said...

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Marrisa said...

Oh jeez, dont you love a load of spam messages (above).

Awwww look at that little face!!! How cute, I do not blame you at all for taking him home!!

But yeah, food shopping and taking the bird with you, yep loop the loop crazy laydee!! xx

Caroline said...

Yeah, not interested 'Jason' in your spam!!

Too busy now nurturing the worms to ensure they are healthy and happy before I squish them and shove them down Fugly's throat.

Anonymous said...

Hey your back! Someone mentioned something about Dubai today and I thought I "know" someone from there and checked in. I always liked reading your blog so I am glad you are blogging again. I am one of the adopting people from Nepal.
What a tiny baby bird. I can't believe you have kept him going. I never had a lot of luck but what can you do but try. Great pictures.


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Isaac and Jenni Marshall said...

Hi Caroline=) I just found your blog on the expat blog site and got quite a kick out of reading some of your posts... I too make mall of the emirates runs looking scraggly and have a tendency to take in any orphaned animal I come across! My husband and I are starting our 2nd year living and teaching in Dubai and we're always up for meeting new people. If you'd ever up for a cup of coffee or something, feel free to drop me a line.