Sunday, April 27, 2008

K9 Friends Puppy Ball (its for charity, mate)

Well, we survived another Puppy Ball - which is up there on our social calender as one of the best laughs of the year (along with the Sevens). And it's all in a good cause too

There are many similarities between the Puppy Ball and The Sevens for us primarily there is a bit of singing, a bit of dancin' and a bit of boozin'.

Main difference would have to be the wardrobe:

Brother Trousers

Sister Pants

Posh Trousers & Pants

Anyway, we had a lovely time with our lovely friends and have taken a few days to recover - always a sign of a good night - think I'll be just about ready for the Sevens in December.

1 comment:

Marrisa said...

Love the outfits! They are cool! Looks like a fab time xx