Sunday, August 17, 2008

Heeeeeeerrrrrreeee's ............ MING!!!!

He's our new cat.

He's Devon Rex - which means he has a curly coat.

He's the cuddliest snuggliest thing in the world.

As we have a cat named after Alan Shearer the footballer (as he came to live with me during Euro '96), we have decided to name him 'Ming' in honour of Yau Ming the Chinese Basketball player who carried the flag for China in the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Beijing.

I am a HUGE Olympics junkie and have been watching any and every sport/event that has been shown (am now something of an officiando on HandBall, fyi).

Got so carried away after watching the Chinese team gymnastics I felt I needed to demonstrate some of their moves at work ...................... and hurt myself.

Apparently 39 is not the optimum age for starting olympic level gymnastics - huh, who knew?

HongKong has been the venue for the equestrian part of The Games which, of course, is the sport I'm most superly interested in.
The coverage here in Dubai of that aspect esp the dressage has been quite good and I'm now determined to ride for my country, HongKong, in the dressage, shall we say, one day when I'm grown up and leave it at that??


Marrisa said...

Look at Ming! He is gorgeous!
You are funny attempting things 'at your age'. Flipping heck woman you aint over the hill yet!! x

Anonymous said...

I would love to here how your adoption process is going. We are trying to adopt girls from Ukraine, and I think we're in the final stages. We live in the US but I work in Dubai. Don't give up! Jim

Marrisa said...

Hey honey, me again....all ok over there?? No posts for a while so thought I would check in. How is Ming?? x

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