Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some more!

At the top of Glastonbury Tor with Becky, Jim & dogs (who aren't looking at the camera) Sam Lloyd

Artistic wall?

Is it so VERY wrong that I quite liked that!

This was the hotel we stayed in during our time in Chedder Gorge - was actually IN THE GORGE & our room was the one with the balcony. You can see the 2 columns.

View from our room up The Gorge.
What a great few days that was with our wonderful friends, Becky & Jim plus dogs.
REALLY REALLY great time we had. A real chance to spend some time together rather than a quick few hours etc.
Loved it and love them.
*sigh* such a happy few weeks.
Hey-ho - please stay tuned for next blog when we introduce you to the newest member of the Lloyd-Green 4-legged menagerie.
I shan't post any details till I know anyone is out there reading this sooooooo ....... you better let me know if you're there and paying attention!!!!!!

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Marrisa said...

I am always paying attention ;-)