Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Remember me?

Head is hung in shame - 'call yourself a Blogger!?' I hear you cry

Your derision & censure is well deserved I've been rubbish.

However, in my feeble defence it has been tough to blog about nothing in particular.

Obviously we still have no news from Nepal despite hearing about 6 weeks ago that our paperwork has been officially accepted by someone official to look at - gee, thanks, its only been 14 months+.

Then, we hear that a Minister has been finally appointed to our Ministry so of course now the creaky, rusty, intermittant wheels that HAD been turning now have to stop whilst Minister is brought up to speed.

Meanwhile, Little Chap is approaching his 2nd birthday - we met him at 4 months. This is hard to deal with - but we remain philosophical (in our more sunshiney moments) and er, let's say 'less' sunshiney* in our bad moments (*feel free to insert whatever adjective you feel appropriate to summarise our feelings at those times).

In a positive note, life in Dubai continues in a largely happy way.

Myself & Mr Trousers have just celebrated our 7th (yes, SEVENTH!!!) wedding anniversary & work remains interesting.
It is easy to get bogged down with sadness but I try hard to reflect on all that is good in our lives and, it has to be said we have MANY blessings:

= The love & unwavering support of our parents & their continuing good health *touches wood as cannot help being bit superstitious!!*
= Interesting & largely rewarding work
= Good friends all over the world - who we hold close in our hearts & help us more than they will ever know
= Our continuing good health *again, she does the wood thing* - a few extra pounds gained, whilst aggravating does not constitute anything to have a meltdown over
= I'm proud of the fact that we do make a great team & so, I'm glad we are navigating this nightmare together
= We have a nice place to live and our menagerie of creatures are nothing but a positive influence in our lives
= In this time when so many are struggling with uncertainties we are, so far, (you see, I just can't help but worry about jinxing things) still lucky to have work.

And so, just before I sign off, the current thing that is bringing us a real lift and much excitement is our impending trip home to Hong Kong to:
* eat ourselves into a potential guest on the Jerry Springer show,
* shop like the most shallow Paris Hilton wannabes (but only if it is a bargain!!),
* hang out with our very special HK buddies
* Spend some time & laughs with the Folks and
* Simply, just wallow in the bosom of a place that is home like no place else on the planet.



Lisa and Len said...

I saw your post on my blog and wasn't sure if you would see my reply:

I have been reading your blog and your 2007 posts were absolutely heartbreaking...and heartstopping. Yours is one of the stories that gives me great pause and makes me wonder "at what cost is this journey we take and will it be worth it?". As you can tell by some of my posts, I don't have the answer.

Amy said...

Have a wonderful time in Hong Kong!

Caroline said...

I have to believe it is worth it.

Truth is though, if we hadn't met a certain Little Someone already and held a Little Nepali hand, I'm not sure we'd have been able to keep going either.

There are times when we wonder whether the Universe is trying to tell us that this isn't our path but then, we get a little sign to encourage us to stay on the Road.

If I'm honest, I haven't been able to whole-heartedly recc Nepal to any potential parents for well over 18 months now as. Despite all that we've heard & read in the Press in recent times of the process starting again etc etc - we've seen no sign at all that anything has proceeded.

HOWEVER, the 'glass-half-full' part of me chirps up and says that 'well, it has been so long now, surely we are due another swing of the pendulum - any minute now something will happen'.

I've no practical advice, I've no crystal ball but I am happy to travel this Road with others. It already feels a less lonely journey & we can certainly help each other out when we stumble.

Hopefully our paths will cross one day in the, not too distant future.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the 'signs' - they'll be there, helping you in one direction or another.

Yours, Ever-The-Optimist xx

Ingrid Gee said...

Hi Caroline,

haven't been in touch for a while but I have been following your progress through your blog and the ASG Yahoo group. My thoughts are with you both and your little boy in Nepal, hope your wait won't be much longer. Best wishes.

Ingrid x

Marrisa said...

Bless you sweetie - hope you have a gorgeous time in HK, will be thinking of you.

Wowee that Little Chap is now 2, thats a tough one eh?

Hugs as always xxxxx

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