Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What would you do if you had more time to yourself?

I'm thinking if every day was, say, 36 hours long & you didn't have to work any more hours - what would you do with those extra hours?

Have been musing this for a while and so far, have come up with:

Sew more

Read more

Write more

Probably sleep more

Blog more

School my horse more

Work with parrot more

Meditate more (actually, have been so monumentally crap in recent times re this that even 10 mins a day would be amazing)

Ditto reiki

Get back into yoga

Cook more

Listen to podcasts more (could combine this with above)

Study more (feeling the need to start up my Buddhist Philosophy course again) - there's just so much out there that I'd like to know more about

"be in the present" more - this is not so much about lack of time but when one is rushing around it is so hard (which is ironic because, of course, that is precisely when one really needs to get a grip & 'be in the now')

Hhhhhmmmmm.......... that's all I can think of so far ......... it is 1:16am & it has been a long day.

Night-night to you all out there in the blog-iverse



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