Saturday, May 19, 2007

The below message is an concise summary of the situation we are currently in.

Clearly, this has a US angle on it but we, as Brits, are in exactly same siuation.

So you see, we really are just waiting - nothing else to be done.

Hi all,
Just in case people get really on edge about any rumors from the US Embassy, here is the post below. Yes, things are suspended until they get the new law going. We all know this, but the word "suspended" is now in place of "waiting" and it seems to be really dramatic to many people. Please keep in mind that nothing has changed- we still wait to have the new draft sent to the cabinet and to be set in to motion. The US Embassy is just now getting on board with this...The Ministry has met several times this week to discuss the changes with a diverse group of folks. We should know much more very soon.Best, x

See the recent message below:_______________________
May 14, 2007
The Nepali Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MWCS) has informed the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu that the Government of Nepal has suspended all intercountry adoptions pending approval of reforms of the adoption process by the Nepali cabinet. The Nepali Government has given no indication about when the suspension will be lifted.The U.S. Embassy is working with the Government of Nepal to urge that they continue to process cases of American adoptive parents already matched with orphans to prevent undue delays of adoption cases already in process.

It is a really tough time and has underlined for us the importance for what we have tried to do since January (when we met The Nipper) which is to maintain a level of control and, cold as it may sound, emotional distance.

As it is we have photos of him up around the place, in my handbag, talk about him, have a room that has slowly accumulated items we have been given - all of which, at this time, is all really painful to look at.

Does one stay optimistic or do we start to prepare ourselves for the terrible, incomprehensible possibility that our little boy may never get to us?

The truth is, we continue to try to maintain an even keel. Assumption in either direction is of no-value and no help - we surrender to the 'process'.

A couple of days ago we received a report from the CIWEC (the clinic where Nipper has been going to be monitored - although this has been more sporadic than we would have liked).

Anyhow, apart from the current 'loose stools' (did you need to know that, I dunno, but there you have it), they feel all is well with him. He is now able to 'sit unsupported and transfers objects'.

Hearing this stuff is wonderful, truely wonderful but also makes us feel sad, sad, sad - we are missing so much.

We are very proud of his ability to sit 'unsupported' considering there have been the 'odd' occasion (in the long ago past) when this ability has eluded either of us .......... Chris more than me , you understand obviously!!!!

Anyhow, this has been a rather down-beat posting (no pics and uplifting news) however, it is a chronicle of the latest stage (stage 2890694705, I think it must be by now!) of this journey.

One feels that one should really be contacting one's 'tour guide' (if only we really had one) in order to complain that this voyage appears to be taking us to places off the itinerary, involves considerable baggage loss (and accumulation) and an emotional roller-coaster (did we sign up for the theme-park option? I don't think we did?!?!) . And finally, a destination that from time to time looks like it is just in front of us and then ............. shifts back several 1000 miles!!

Rubbish trip, if you ask me.

However, we did know it wasn't going to be easy and that we would (to paraphrase from the book 'From China with Love') need the tenacity of a terrier to stay the course!

Also, along the way, we have met some wonderful people we also signed up for the same 'trip' and are at various stages along the road (some are right there with us and others farther ahead and OTHERS really did make it to the end).

The ones that have made it and are clutching their fabulous prizes are cheering us on, whooping away to let us know we can do and we focus on these people.

Next to us, we have our fellow marathon-ers, we pass each other drinks of water when we look like we need it, we hold each others hands when someone stumbles - we're all in it together.

For all these people, we thank the universe, cosmic forces, THE Force, whatever it is, for them.

So there you have it, I've mixed about a zillion metaphors and analogies, share some wierdy-beardy outlooks ............ and update y'all for the latest chapter of 'Quest for our Nipper'


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Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline and Chris.
Delighted to be one of your co-marathoners on this mostly unguided journey, albeit, I do wish we had chosen a different tour company sometimes.
The journey is what it is. I am beginning to view it with curiousity, in addition to frustration, rage and a deep desire to shake the Minister and scream at him "what the ********** are you thinking?".
So, we continue to traverse the hideous terrain and try to make meaning of this existential journey reminding ourselves, "we are not the fainthearted".
Peace to you.