Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fires, Tantrums and rafts

Fire on the Palm Jumeriah yesterday.Fires on constructions sites seem to be happening more and more here in Dubai. Happily, this time, no-one was seriously hurt.

No news still Nepal and to be honest, it is getting harder and harder to deal with the waiting and the unknown time-scale.

We have 'met' a lady who adopted her son (and is now waiting to complete the adoption of her daughter) from the same orphanage (Sagarmatha Childrens Home) and she told me that she tries to 'surrender to what will be'.

I think this is beautiful and it has become my mantra now as well.
Gosh, don't I sound saintly and serene?
Truth is, not VERy far below the surface of both of us is a child that is seriously on the brink of having a major melt-down!!

You know the sort of the thing - shoes and socks off in the department store, screaming, laying on the floor - until someone damn well gives in and gives us what we want!!!!!!!!!

Ashamed to admit ............ I've done this ........ in my early years, you understand ......... to Por Por (my Chinese granny) ........ can't remember if it worked or not actually.

In the meantime we keep going with normal life (whatever that exactly is here) and try not to get too wierd.

Think in our society we are brought up to believe that you can make pretty much anything happen if you want it to if you are prepared to put the hard work in, try hard enough etc etc - so 'surrendering to what will be' is quite a concept to embrace.
Remind me some time to share with you my comparison between the process of international adoption and being on a raft in the middle of the ocean.

Reading blogs of others who have weathered the storms and waves and paddled furiously, felt like giving up - is a real comfort and inspiration - seeing their kids, helps keep you focussed.
Actually the best blog I've ever read (actually I've only been reading blogs in about the last 2 months so it is true that my sample size isn't huge) and I cannot recommend highly enough is:
Actually I think it has just stopped being one of the Bootsnall travel website blogs to a full-on website. Anyway, this guy is amazing, doing amazing stuff and HILARIOUS!!
I hope that next time we are in Kathmandu, we can go and see him and meet some of the kids he writes about - feel like I know some of them now.
Anyway, let's see whether this posting will actually work today. Last night I beavered away for hours and then the whole thing disappeared - let me tell you, saintly words did not spring forth from my lips.
ta-ra for now

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