Monday, May 21, 2007

I HATE that ant!!!

(direct quote from Mr Jacob Dawson, formerly of Dubai, currently 'Laysia)

I've only gone and got myself bit by one of those ferocious medium sized black ants we get here AGAIN.

(Bite is directly down from big toe)

This photo was taken about 10 mins after it got me - have taken the anti-histamines provided by dr as last time whole darn foot was huge for days!!!

Couldn't get my Crocs on, let alone my riding boot.

Have taken photo of pesky critter (next to foot, for scale)
Are you suitably shcoked at the monster??
Whaddaya mean 'you can't see it'???!!!!
It's THERE, right there - gnashing its teeth, growling AND laughing demonically (it's next to my big toe below the white thing, ok?)!!!!!!!


The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

But Oh MY, do you have pretty feet! As someone with man feet or rather, as my husband so lovingly refers to them, horse feet, I'd take those feet, ant bite and all.

I hope you squashed the bugger at least.

Caroline said...


BTW, 'HouseWife' loving your blog and glad you are aboard with this one - was feeling bit like a peeping tom!!!!