Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The latest in this most HIDEOUS of roller-coster rides

"Hi all,
Today we did confirm the very difficult news that the Minister and the Legal Secretary have, without any prior notice to anyone in the adoption community in Kathmandu and virtually no one within the Ministry, asked that all files waiting for review at the Ministry be sent back to the Chief District Offices (CDO) to await the new rules and regulations.

This implies that all files currently at the Ministry, close to 400 in total, could now be subject to any new laws that the Ministry and cabinet pass in the coming weeks.

This turn of events is extremely surprising as the Minister and Ministry have openly stated in the last week (to the State Department, officials at European agencies and embassies, a few US adoption agencies, the adoption community in Kathmandu, Child welfare NGOs in Nepal, and private lawyers working on behalf of adoptive families) that the review process for the waiting families was to begin very soon and only use the current adoption laws for those families already waiting at the Ministry.

We are working with other agencies and NGOs to see what can be done, if at all, and will continue to monitor the situation very closely. At this time, I don't have suggestions of what to do collectively, but it seems that time might be coming..."

So there you have it.

Have just woken up and read this and feel like ...... well, dunno, what I feel like doing? Is it too early for a large gin, a huge bar of chocolate and an obscene amount of junk food...... in bed?

It is currently 6.52am.

Head on desk *sigh*


Tiffany said...

What a fascinating life you're living! I think we're going to switch to Ethiopia since we hadn't yet begun the process with Nepal; just had our hearts set on it and all the papers on the desk ready to fill out. My heart aches for people like you who have committed more heart, more time and more money. Be encouraged that these delays will help the children eventually, and the right child for your family will come at the right time. I'll pray for one peacefull moment at a time for you as you walk down this journey!
Tiffany from nchild

Caroline said...

Thanks Tiffany - it means alot to hear and learn from the experiences, stories, laughter and wisdom of those travelling this path with us.

In the meantime, I try to think lovely thoughts yes, even about ants!!!!!