Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cyclone Gonu

Tropical Cyclone Gonu reached the level of a Category Five hurricane, the most powerful kind,
though it weakened before reaching the Gulf state of Oman.
MUCH excitement over this indeed.
Chances of it effecting us majorly fairly remote although today it has been pretty windy and therefore dusty .... therefore unable to see skyline etc.
Last night whilst dog-walking (about 7pm) the light was that funny pinky-orange light that often indicates a storm AND I've had the mother of all headaches for days now.
A bit of rain here always stirs up a bit of excitement so if we get any, will let you know.
For the uninitiated, Dubai is about 2 or 3mm down (on the west-side) from the point of that pointy bit of land in the top left hand corner of the above picture.
A state of emergency has been declared on the direct opposite side of the penisula from us (in Fujairah).
Global Warming? How can anyone deny it?!?!?! Godammit - come on G8, sort your lives out and help us sort out this environmental mess.

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