Tuesday, June 05, 2007


(ever seen a Weeble.... or is it....

...... a BabaPapa in the jungle!!??
look! *shh* There's one now in above pic)

Well, where to begin.

We had the most amazing weekend in KL visiting some lovely Dubai Buddies of ours, The Dawsons, who moved there in January.

It was so fabulous to see them - can highly recommend Chez Dawson for anyone interested. Service pretty good, The Manager will take the men-folk out to a bar to watch rugby and shout at Australians (or was it South Africans?) and the Manageress and the younger staff members will accompany the ladies on any shopping or fast-food eating you require.

ONE of the highlights (and possibly sweatiest activities on offer) was a 30 m high jungle canopy walk that the youngest member of the gang skipped over and some of the older members had a little bit more trouble with.

There IS no greater feeling than knowing that there is a rickety swing-y, sway-y canopy bridge behind you and NOT in front of you.

Hannah and Chris felt exactly the same way about that darn bridge and have identical post-bridge euphoric smiles - hooray for them!!

Tune in again for the continuation of the 'Laysia photos, followed by Singapore photos including the out-of-control maniacal shots of me realising a 20 yr dream (now if that doesn't keep you checking this blog, I don't know what will.)

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