Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still going on about Singapore!

This is a very special little girl called Amelia (who has a very special little brother but I don't know how to get the pics of him off my phone!!) who lives in Singapore and is the daughter of my oldest friend in the world - the Other Caroline.

We've been friends since we were about 7 yrs or something, our Dads played golf in the same place, our Mums lay by the same pool and WE obsessed about ponies!!! And you have NO IDEA how we obsessed!!!!!
I haven't seen Amy since she was a pretty tiny baby and never had the chance to meet Ollie so it was absolutely fabulous to have the chance to stay with them in Singapore to hang out with my old buddy and get to know the kids.

Shockingly, a photo of the Two Carolines was never taken - shocking!

Just thought I'd stick some other Singapore Zoo pics on here (by no means all of them) - wouldn't want you to think all we did was cry over manatees!!

Quite pleased with these pics actually - would appear that my 'O' Level photography did have some lasting effect, Dad!!

Oh yeah, we didn't just go to the Zoo...

We ate stuff:

We schlepped up and down the famous Orchard Road:


We went to the superb Singapore Museum:

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